Top 5 Disadvantages Of Paid Traffic On Website

Traffic is considered the key to online business. No one can succeed in online business without traffic. Today in this post you are going to tell some of the disadvantages of paid traffic. If your business is also online, then you must also be thinking about paid traffic. It has advantages but it also has many disadvantages. So, first you read this post till the last, then you decide.

All the offline businesses that were there earlier are gradually becoming online. Whether it is through website, blog, or social media, everyone is increasing their online presentation. Actually, there are many benefits

of doing business online. The biggest advantage of this is that you can easily promote your business through the internet all over the world wide. You must be aware that in offline business, they are not able to provide their service or product very far. Whenever it comes to promoting online business, most companies think about different types of advertising. By advertising, we can promote our business in a very short time. But for this your budget should be very high.

If you have made your website for your business. In which you sell your product or provide service, for this you need a lot of traffic in your site. You have two ways to get traffic on the website. First SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and second SEM (Search Engine Marketing).Let us tell you that SEO is the best and free way, through which you can get unlimited traffic to your site. Although its process is a bit long, in this you will have to give some time. If you have enough time, then you can get traffic in the blog through it.

SEM means Search Engine Marketing by its name, you must have known that you should have a good budget for this. For this you will have to do online advertising in different places. Which will increase the traffic of your blog.Well, when many new people create websites for their business, then they start buying traffic to increase their traffic. So, we are going to tell you about 5 disadvantages of paid traffic in this post. If you are the owner of a website, then this post will be very helpful for you.

Top 5 Disadvantages Of Paid Traffic On Website

1: No Targeted Traffic:

Whenever you buy traffic, like pay $ 2 for 1k page views, it will definitely give you 1k page views but it will increase the bounce rate of your site. Because the traffic that will come to your site will only visit your homepage. With this you will not get targeted traffic.

Whenever you buy traffic, they are traffic robotic. It means, they will only visit the homepage of your site or they will visit the same page for which they have purchased traffic. With this, visitors will not stay on your site. They will not visit other related pages of your site. This will increase the bounce rate of your site.

2: No New Subscribers:

If you are buying traffic for your blog, in which you share information on a topic, then I am sure that you are thinking that if you buy traffic then email / newsletter 6 subscriber will also increase !! Then remove this from your mind.

As I told you earlier, the traffic purchased is robotic. No person visits your blog for that. Rather all software / scripts are amazing. They only take money to visit your blog. Not to subscribe to your blog’s newsletter.

3: No Earning:

As we know, when we buy traffic, no person visits our site. If you have set up advertising on your blog, have added affiliate link and are thinking that the traffic purchased will cause you to click ads or sell product / service, then this is your misunderstanding.

4: No Sales

If you have an e-commerce website and you offer a product or service and you are getting traffic from an un-trusted source, then tell you that you will not be able to sell any product or service from it. If you buy millions of paid traffic, then you will not get a single product or service from it.

If you are running a product or service based site, then you should not mind at all. It would be better if you spend a little money and advertise on facebook or google. This will promote your website and any visitors who come to your site will be real.

5: Adsense hates PPC Traffic:

If you are an Adsense publisher and you use PPC traffic, then it can create a big issue for you. Adsense does not allow this. If you buy traffic for Adsense enabled blog then the adsense team will ban your account. If ever it happens that someone sends robotic traffic to your site, then in such a situation you can fill and report this form.

6: Huge investment:

Do you all know that if you want to buy traffic to your blog, then for this you will need a very high budget. If you live regularly online then you would know that many big companies spend millions of rupees daily just for traffic.

If you have a lot of money, you can try it with paid traffic. By this you will know how much was gained and how much was lost. You will also get experience from this.


After reading the above 6 points carefully, you must have understood very well what the disadvantages of paid traffic are. If you talk about the benefits, then you can use your site’s traffic stats to showoff to others.

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