Top 10 YouTube Ranking Factors 2022

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about YouTube Ranking Factors. So if you are a youtuber, then you can bring your video to the best rank in search result. There are many ranking factors for this, but I will tell you about some main factors.Perhaps it is a little difficult to believe but you should know that youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. The first number is google and youtube is also connected to Google. You will also know very well about the popularity of youtube.

In India, YouTube has grown more than 50% in the last 3-4 years. If we go back a bit, in the earlier times we did not have high speed internet, due to which youtube video buffering had to be cleared and at the same time due to the data pack being too expensive, people did not use internet very much.But since Jio has knocked, the number of Internet users has increased by more than 50%. Jio has now become the cheapest internet data providing company in the whole world. Speed ​​is also good in this.

It has some good effects on the internet as well as some bad ones. Youtube has benefited the most from this. Earlier, internet data did not watch videos because it was too expensive, but in the current time, preferring to watch videos more than studying.Looking at today’s situation, it can be guessed that youtube will grow even more in the coming time. You will also be surprised to know that 300 hours of video content are uploaded to youtube in a minute. Right now the competition in youtube is increasing too much.

If you are a youtuber then you would want your channel to come to the top in the search result. So for this you have to understand the ranking algorithm of youtube. Once you understand their ranking factors correctly, then you will start to rank your video in search result.In this post you are going to talk about ranking factors of youtube. If you are a blogger, you can read about Google’s top ranking factors. Youtube also decides the ranking position of a video after taking many factors into consideration, just like google. But I am going to tell you about some top ranking factors here.

Top 10 YouTube Ranking Factors 2022

1: Channel Keywords

If you want that if someone searches about your channel, then your channel appears on the top, for this you will have to setup the channel keywords properly. In this, you have to add keywords related to the topic of your channel. So that your channel can rank at the correct position.

You must have seen that we search by entering the full name of some channels, but still that channel does not appear on the top. There are two big reasons for this. One, his channel name is not different and he has not setup the channel properly. By setting this up, your channel will also be able to rank well in google.

When you setup your channel and add keywords to it, then your channel will start to rank at the top. To setup it, you have to go to the creator studio of your channel. Now we have to go to Sittings >> Channel >> Basic. Now in the box with keywords, you have to add keywords related to your channel.

2. Video Title

On page SEO is also as important for youtube as it is for blog posts or other web content. If youtube is considered the top factor of ranking. You must be aware that metadata is considered to be a very big ranking factor and the title also comes in the same.

If your video title is good then google, youtube search and peoples will be good for everyone. With which it will attract more traffic and will bring more views.

If seen, the short title performs much better. Because long title is cut from many browsers and devices. If you keep a short title, then keep in mind that the title should be such that it becomes known about the content.

  1. Video Description

Like the title, the description in the video should also be good. Because you must know that this too comes under metadata. And it plays the important ranking factor for both google search and youtube search.

We all know that YouTube also reads videos. If your video contains nude content, then youtube is easily recognized by it. But youtube is not able to read the video content completely. By looking at the title, description and tags of our video, you can identify what kind of content is there in our video.

Now you must have understood. In the description, you have to tell about the video in details. Also you can add keywords to it as well. With this, if you want, you can also add social media links in the description.

This is one of the most important ranking factors of youtube. You can rank your videos on the top of the search result by using the right tags. Tags have a very important role in YouTube search.

  1. Video Tags

As I told you above, youtube can understand the video properly by looking at our video title, description, and tags. Only when you understand the video correctly, you will be able to show it on top in the search result.

While using tags, it should be kept in mind that use only keywords related to video. If you use some keywords in the description and some keywords in the tags, then youtube becomes confuse. And he is not able to show your video in the right position.

  1. Video Quality

This is also a very special part of the ranking factor of youtube. High-definition (HD) videos in Youtube perform better than low-definition videos. In fact, HD videos are also highlighted in youtube search result.

The Youtube team knows that right now most users have smartphones, in which HD videos play smoothly and the speed of the internet is also very good. That’s why youtube HD videos are giving more value than low-definition video.

  1. User Experience Metrics

Youtube takes great care on user experience while ranking our videos. This allows them to know the quality of your video. If the user experience is good, then that video easily ranks in youtube.

If the user engagement in the video will be fine then youtube understands that the video can be helpful to the people and makes that video viral. This is the biggest factor for any video to go viral.If your video has got good likes and comments, then youtube guesses that the quality of the video is good and gives it a good position in the search result.

  1. Watch Time

Youtube has been using watch time as a ranking factor since late 2012. youtube can easily determine the quality of a video with “watch time”. If the watch time is good then the video does not take much time to go viral.

If people like your video then definitely like it youtube too. Some time ago youtube used to decide its ranking only by watching the watch time of the video, but now rank the video after taking many factors into consideration.The option of analytics is already given in youtube. From here you can check the analytics report of your video and also know how your video is performing.

8. Thumbnails

Thumbnails have a very important role in the CTR (Click through rates) of our video. This means if you use attractive thumbnail, then the chance of getting good response is very high. You must have seen that there are many videos in youtube, whose quality is very poor, but it still has a lot of views. The reason for this is thumbnail. If you also want to get maximum views in your video, then attractive thumbnail is very important.

According to a research, it has been found that instead of reading the title, most people look at the thumbnail and click on it. If you are active in youtube, then you will get to see many such examples yourself.It is better to design using auto generate thumbnail. Make his look attractive to catch people’s attention. For this you will get lots of softwares and apps. If you are an Android user then you can use PixalLAb.

  1. View Count

You know that watch time is a very big ranking factor of YouTube. In the same way, “no of views” is also a very important factor of youtube ranking. If the views of a video are good, then it will be shown in a good position in the search result.

So you should share your videos in social plateforms like facebook, whatsapp, twitter and forums. This will give you views in your videos and then slowly they will start getting good positions in search results.

  1. Closed Captions & Subtitles

You may have noticed that caption is used in many youtube videos. For people who use multi language in video, it is very important. Also, it is also very beneficial for getting ranking in the search engine.

  • It has two big fides:
  • If you are using a local language in your video, then there is no problem in understanding people by giving subtitles.
  • The search engine crawls the second caption. Through which the search engine can understand your video properly and it gets a good rank.

You can add caption to your video from youtube’s editor.

After knowing all the ranking factors mentioned above, now you must know how video ranks on youtube. Apart from this, authority is most important. I have seen some big YouTubers that he does not pay attention to the title, description, tags of his video but still, his video ranks well. In the same way, when you become popular, your video will also rank very easily.

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