How To Increase Blog Traffic

Friends, today we are going to talk about how to increase blog traffic? This post is a must for every new blogger. Because in this post we will tell you some common tips which is important for every new blogger. Read this post till the last and if you like it, then definitely reach it to your friends.After creating a blog, this tension remains how to drive traffic on the blog? Because when people come to our blog then only we will get some benefit. If we work hard and write a post, then there should be someone who reads it, only then it is fun.

Every blogger’s dream is that people should read his post more and more, comment well in it and share it in social media. Many people work hard for this, but still there are very few lucky people who are able to gain good traffic in their blogs.Often, I say in many blogger comments how to increase blog traffic? Give some tips for this. We are not able to explain them well in a comment. So I am going to tell them some tips through this. Let us tell you about this below.

1: Blog Design

After creating a blog, it is most important to design it properly. This is also a great way to gain traffic. More new bloggers make a mistake in this, due to which they are not able to grow their blog quickly.

Even if there are many good good posts in your blog, but the design of the blog is not good, then people will not want to spend much time in it. The design of your blog is also good with your content, so you can grow your blog in a very short time.

Your blog design should be responsive. So that your blog will be open easily in any kind of device. With this, your site will also fit well in mobile. You all must know that it is very important for SEO too. Being mobile friendly is also a Google ranking factor. That is, to get good ranking in google, it is very important for your site to be mobile friendly.

Here We Tell You Some Tips.

  • Use the simple designed and light weight theme in the blog.
  • Optimize the loading speed of the site.
  • Use the menu and a logo in the header.
  • The layout of your blog should be setup correctly.

2: Blog Post Title, URL & Keywords

We have to do some important work before publishing a blog post to the blog. If we do not formating and optimizing the post then it will not be able to perform well. This is not only important for readers. It is also very important for search engine ranking.

Often, new bloggers make mistakes in the title / headlines, URLs and image optimization of their blog posts. The better we formate our post, the better it will be able to perform. We are telling you below some points, which will help you in post optimization.

  • Posts should be title attractive.
  • Use the keyword in the title so that you can perform well in the search engine.
  • Use the image in a blog post and add alt tag to it.
  • Write a post of at least 1000 words.
  • Use keywords in the 1st and last paragraphs in the post.

3: Comment on Other Sites.

This is a very good way, which gives you many benefits, not one. First of all, it works to drive traffic in your blog. Along with this, you also get backlink, which helps you to gain search ranking.

While commenting in any blog, some baton should be taken care of. Like you have to write something unique. So that if anyone reads it, then they want to visit your blog as well. Apart from this, I am telling you some points below.

Your comment should be related to the post.
The comment must be unique.
Comment should be interesting.
Please do not use any words related to the promotion of your blog in Comment.

4: Use Others Post Link in Post.

Most new bloggers make the mistake that they do not add a link to other posts in their blog posts. I also made this mistake in starting, which caused me to regret a lot later. I still do not add too much internal links in the post.

Actually, when you edit a post from mobile, then there is some difficulty in adding a link to other posts in it. Due to this, interlink does not add to its posts. I have suffered a lot from this. I realized this much later.If you too are making a mistake like me, then I will ask you that you write a post giving too much time, but if you add a little more time and add internal links to it, then it will benefit you a lot. This will increase the pageviews of your blog and reduce the bounce rate. Along with this, it is also very good for SEO.

5: Use a Domain

If you are blogging for your hobby, then you can create a blog in blogspot without domain also. But if you want to blogging seriously, then you have to buy a good domain for yourself.Actually, nowadays anyone looking at an extension with blogspot can tell that it is a free blog. People give less value to such a blog.

You can also use a free platform like blogspot for blogging, but you must buy a custom domain. This helps in becoming your branding. For this you do not even feel very charged.

6: Submit Your Blog on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Whenever it comes to increasing the traffic of the blog, the search engine comes at the top. Because this is the only way through which we can gain unlimited traffic for our blog in the lifetime for free. There can be no better way for a blogger than this.

SEO (Search engine optimization) has to be done to get traffic from the search engine in the blog. This is a very small word to hear, but doing SEO perfectly in a blog is a lot of work. Most bloggers quit blogging because of this.

The first step for SEO is to submit and verify the blog in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and popular search engines. Because only then the contents of our blog are indexed in the search engine. When our blog posts will be indexed in the search engine only then people will be able to access our blog by clicking on it.

7: Write Guests Post to Other Blog.

This is a very old tactic, so that you can grow your blog in a very short time. Most knowledgeable bloggers use this method to grow their new blog. This is a very easy way.

This method is recommended for those who have recently created blogs and whose blog traffic is very less and they want to grow their blog instantly. I have also guest posted in a lot of blogs and it has benefited me a lot.

You have to write a good post and publish it in a blog related to your blog. With the increase in traffic of your blog, along with this there will be dofollow backlink which will help in improving the search ranking. And the best part is, this will make you familiar with another blogger.

8: Social Networks

Social media is very good for a blogger, from where he can draw thousands of traffic for his blog. Many such blogs will be found, whose main source of traffic is social media only.

Let me tell you that it is not easy to gain traffic even from social media. For this, first you have to make your brand value, only then you can get good benefit from it. For this, you regularly spend some time in social media. Regular, share good posts and help people through comments in this too. If someone contacts you personally, then give him a quick response.

Let me also tell you that using social media too much can create a problem for you. You do not have to give too much time in this. First you work on your blog and then if you save time, give it in social media.

9: Daily Update Post

First of all, know that any person visits your blog. Because they get to learn something good and new. So remember that the more regular posts you update, the sooner your blog will grow.

If you update regular posts in the blog, then visitors will be connected to your blog. Because they will get to learn something new regularly in your blog. This will gradually increase the traffic of your blog.

10: Use 100% Original Content

Many people make this mistake in starting, due to which they do not get any benefit. On the contrary, they only have to bear the loss. If you want people to visit your blog, then for this you will have to write a post by yourself.

You cannot grow it by putting copyright content in your blog. Even a single image you cannot copy anyone. On finding out whose image is copied, they can complain to DCMA, from which your blog can be removed from the search engine.

Final words,

All these basic tips will be very useful for you to increase the traffic of the blog. Apart from this, we would like to tell you in the last that you keep working with patient. Slowly your blog will grow and you will definitely get the destination one day.

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