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Handsome Boy Status For Whatsapp

Friends, are you looking for Attitude Status for boy, then you will get full HD images along with Attitude status in this post. You know that now is the era of Whatsapp. We all do not know how long we stay in social media from morning till night.

Friends, the most important thing is that we are most interested in seeing Whatsapp status. We also upload all the status in Whatsapp according to our state of mind. If we are sad then we are in sad status and happiness, then we also upload Love status. Attitude status to burn someone and friends upload friendship status for people.

Handsome Boy Status For Whatsapp

Handsome Boy Status For Whatsapp

We are the # arrow, can rip off the Himalayas, change Apna # way, can someone give our support or not, we can # alone # move the world.

Don’t take my heart to death I am the lover of hearts, not the birds of your #cage.

“Don’t make everyone as straight as you are, don’t put everyone on your friend list, and listen to Papa’s fairy wherever you are, don’t fly unnecessarily in the sky.”

“Everyone was watching their forces, we kept our minds shut and shut everyone’s face.”

“I will have expenses in your meeting, your expenses for one month will be my expenses for one day.”

“If I feel bad about you or you are jealous of me, I welcome you to the list, stand back in line.”

“If you can stop me, Raklo is not messaging my captive.”

“Today’s girls also talk about how amazing they are, they hide their last seen and give heart.”

“The one who has left you today will definitely come back, first of all once you achieve success.”

“Do not be afraid of fear, fear fear, remind the person of what he has forgotten.”

“One question, what is his real worth, for which you leave your parents too.”

“Focus on your career,”.

“Some have to dream some reality, there are many people from whom to calculate.”

“Living in the market of Attitude is very different,

People don’t stop burning and we smile. “

What will scare me the scene of death, we have taken birth in the slayer

Whatever the outcome, but the game will play big now….

We are a quality among bad people, we are in trouble ….

Don’t show me so much attitude Aye Pagli, the powder with which you do makeup
From that powder, we used to play Careem….

Now when we were good and bad, which medals were found?

Listen, Pagli, we never give a feeling to girls like you, because the girl who does not know how to handle her scarf, what will our heart hold….

If you break your strut like this, later you might not recognize yourself, arrogance will also be yours soon, and with whom I fought it will also be known….

Do not try to know me, if you sit thinking, you will forget yourself, then I will say, Who am I? Falling rate will stumble.

If a victory is certain, a coward can fight, brave they are called, who are sure to lose, yet do not leave the field….

Listen, you make me for me or breakup from someone else. You are rejected and are rejected.

Seeing the appearance of the enemy, we tell the status of the enemy.

I write my fortune because I listen to myself and not to others.

Humans do not just burn with fire, some people burn with our Andaz…

Don’t show me so much attitude, Ae Pagli, the powder with which you do makeup, we play the game with that powder.

There are only three principles to apply for my life, request and if you do not agree then give it!

Oy Hero Sun as much as your style is Nawabi, my cheeks are as pink ???? Attitude Status

Do not talk about the situation, Pagli, we also run the internet on the main balance.

Should I play with a sword gun, I am not afraid of the post – of the police station, I say with a thump, I am a Chhora # of the Rajput family !!

The people of the house say that I am very innocent, but who should tell them that “Gangadhar” is “Shaktimaan”

There will be neither muscle nor witness, now anyone who messes with us will be directly destroyed.



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