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Mind says will die but heart says will be seen

Asu fell from his eyes and people who fell from his eyes .. never lift ..

What someone has written a lot, I am very fond of everyone but when they need me ..

Let go of what is love, let it come from somewhere else

Tongue bitter but keep my heart clean, who changed when I keep account

Listen, it is a matter of time, today it is yours tomorrow and it will be mine and when it is mine, what will happen to you

Those who poison us die after eating them

The hot girls should stay away from me because I don’t know how to celebrate and don’t give it to anyone

No matter how against the age, everyone will be accounted for, no matter how great the Nawab is.

Let me be silent i believe the answer is bad

Now whatever you have to do, do it with passion, remember it will be accounted for by everyone .. when my mind will get upset

If you have the right, your hate is also acceptable to us, in the bailout, we should not even take your love

Whether I am good or bad for myself, I do not see myself from the eyes of others .. !!

My intentions are always clear .. That is why many people are against me ..

Now whatever you have to do, do it with passion, remember it will be accounted for by everyone .. when my mind will get upset

We are not separate from the world, our world is different

Only papa’s love is true not papa’s fairies

Hayashi in front of the father… and bullying in front of us .. son, do not even forget ..

It is not changed, we just know the world

We are not separate from the world, our world is different

Do not make such a distance from fear of corona, that your babu should control someone else

Just look at the smile, the world will be seen laughing

Our identity is like the sea, silent from above and storm from inside

Do not look at the friend in terms of wealth, friends who are unfaithful are often poor.

People say that my friends are less, but they do not know that my friends have so much “power”

Till date, there is no queen who can make this king his slave

I never think what the world will think

You are not so good, for which I drop myself!

Our strength is not reflected in our loudness .. The noise of enemy shows.

It is wrong to answer back, but keep listening, people forget to talk.

I am very happy, I do not go to the township of people

The story of our life is such that in which Hero also we and Villain also we

If you lose us, you will regret a lot, make this last mistake thoughtfully…

Do not think so much about me, I am in the heart, not in understanding

It is not possible for everyone to read me, I am the book in which emotions are written instead of words

If you have to hate me, keep your intentions strong. Even if you are a little bit, then it will be love.

We are the emperors of the heart, who listen to the heart and do it to the heart

The lion himself kings the king with his strength; There are no elections in the forest

Whether playing cards or life, show your ace only when there is a king in front

We take a little dig at this act, love or hate someone

If you give right, your “hatred” is also on your eyes, your “love” is not acceptable even in the bailout!

If you are full, then tell me we like denial, not waiting

Aoun’s life is like an ace of cards, whose bad queen and king are incomplete.

Who wants to change, people here force us to change

Look no love, how happy we are

We like to live in limits and people think of it

I do not have a bad habit just does not control anger

Applying the same thing to my fame… they salute me, whom you salute

You are famous in your goodness, we are evil, stay away from us.

Do not make cigarettes that are crushed under the feet after use. Be intoxicated that the one who uses you may be destroyed.

Why do I want to do it myself?

You will get what you want .. Whether it is respected or cheated .. !!

Neither sweet nor trying to be, we are the truth that everyone feels bitter …

You are in love, that’s why I am far away from me… If there was stubbornness I would be in my arms by evening

Those who have the chance to fly, they do not fear to fall ..

If you are respected, you will be respected, if you show your air you will be able to uproot us.

We are bad, only then we are living .. If it were good, the world would not live

Burning is all good, it is its principle

We are not what you think and you cannot think as we are.

The “thing” belongs to them, in which there is a “thing” ..!

I only know what I am, the rest of the world can only guess

There is no city where there is no havoc, there is no street where it does not run

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